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Be A SaniGiver

Improve the lives of cleaning attendants!

RAS is always on the lookout to recruit SaniGives volunteers who have a vested passion and interest, and are interested to work with us to improve the lives of cleaning attendants.

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We give recognition to our volunteers at our annual LOO (Let's Observe Ourselves) Awards ceremony. Community Involvement Programme (CIP) hours and certificates of participation are also awarded to eligible volunteers. Applicants below the age of 15 must obtain written consent of their parent or guardian before submitting their application online.

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If our calendar of upcoming events does not suit your schedule and you are planning for group volunteering, please submit an application to us, giving at least two months’ notice, for us to contact all related parties such as the venue owner, cleaning company, etc.

We certainly welcome you to join our SaniGives volunteer network! You can play a significant role in bringing about improved changes to the lives of cleaning attendants by volunteering your time/efforts/expertise. If you require more information, please email to

Read what our volunteers have to say

  • Volunteer with RAS
    “After volunteering with RAS since 2005, I am now quite attached to them and am very supportive of their activities. I also became good friends with the RAS staff. ”

    Being a volunteer, one must be passionate, patient and a team player and most importantly to believe that one is doing a good cause for the society. I've learned many things about toilet cleanliness and hygiene which I was ignorant before I joined RAS as a volunteer. What they are doing to help Singapore achieve clean toilets is very meaningful. I hope to see more people coming forward to volunteer for this meaningful organisation, RAS.

    Uncle Lim
    RAS's Star Volunteer
  • Volunteer with RAS
    “It started with a school project that involved us researching on developments in our society. With the craziest notion in our minds, we decided to look into toilets.”

    Little did we know that it was a doorway into an entirely different world. After preliminary research into toilets, we discovered that Singapore actually has an organisation dedicated to improving the conditions of toilets... This is the first time I have volunteered to participate in such activities for the RAS and I hope I can continue to volunteer my services together with my friends. It is a noble aim to help out in toilet hygiene and cleanliness and I am proud to be part of it."

    Adonara Mucek
    President of Catholic Junior College's Environmental Society