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The cleanliness of public toilets has become one of the highlighted issues in the midst of the current COVID-19 situation. The RAS, Restroom Association (Singapore) continues to play an active role to support the SG Clean Campaign, which was launched by the National Environment Agency (NEA). It is also timely for higher Happy Toilet standards to be introduced from 1st April to encourage the adoption of smart solutions to increase productivity and efficiency of toilet maintenance.


RAS has always been actively seeking solutions to assist Happy Toilet owners to sustain their star-rated quality restrooms and maintenance costs have always been one of the key factors. As toilets are still considered not directly generating any revenue even though clean toilets may potentially draw more patrons or businesses, RAS has explored the possibility of restroom advertising to generate revenue for owners and operators for many years. RAS has finally made a breakthrough and has achieved a milestone this year with its Japanese partner Hit Singapore unveiling its advertising panels in the toilets at Downtown East. This not only generates some revenue for Downtown East but also offsets the Happy Toilet accreditation fees. This translates to a star-rated toilet which is financially self-sustaining and thus fosters a win-win partnership for all parties.     


This year, RAS is pleased to continue supporting Singapore Management University (SMU), in their undergraduate project on a toilet cleanliness index of hawker centres and coffeeshops, which was first executed in 2016. RAS trained the undergraduates on the criteria of assessing toilet standards so that they can effectively execute the project to better assess all toilets. The findings and results will help RAS to better formulate solutions to resolve any challenges. As we embark on our new journey in the midst of the COVID-19 uncertainties this year, we believe we can forge ahead to make a difference to the challenging restroom environment and emerge better as a more gracious society embracing excellence in restroom culture. With the LOO Awards opened for nominations from April till September, we look forward to receiving more nominations.


Mr Ho Chee Kit


Restroom Association (Singapore)

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