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RAS redesigns certificate of its star-rated Happy Toilet Programme (HTP)

With effect from April, in its bid to attract more corporate owners and operators to participate in the HTP, RAS redesigned the HTP certificate with the “Happy Toilet” wordings omitted to enhance its professional branding image. The newly-designed certificate aims to shift the focus from the HTP branding to RAS branding, with higher visibility of the association’s logo and star rating as compared to the old certificate. The stars are also designed with three stripes to signify star owners, star cleaners and star users playing their part to sustain the star standard. The glossy-paper material of the old certificate has also been replaced with higher quality matt-paper material. As the HTP has already gained its popularity among owners and operators over the years, it will not be renamed despite the absence of the “Happy Toilet” wordings on the new certificate.


Another addition to the new certificate is the explanation of the star-ratings to better reflect the right standard and to provide handy information to the public about the different standards as follows:


  • 3-star – Clean restroom with basic facilities
  • 4-star – Good restroom with user-friendly facilities
  • 5-star – Excellent restroom with user & eco-friendly facilities
  • 6-star – Magnificent restroom with user-friendly, eco-friendly facilities & technology adoption


New HTP participants namely SAFRA Punggol and Far East Mall Square2 received their new 5-star certificates in April with more existing participants looking forward to receive their new certificates in the coming months when they are due for renewal. The RAS has mulled over the feedback provided by existing HTP corporate owners and operators about the design and material of the old certificate. With the growing popularity of HTP among corporate owners and operators, it is timely for RAS to introduce the new design.


RAS participates in Citi-YMCA Youth For Causes (YFC) 2017


For the second consecutive year, RAS is heartened to be one of the Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) to benefit from funds raised under the YFC initiative. This is the first time tertiary students have opted to champion the cause of recognising our fellow cleaning attendants. A team of four Republic Polytechnic students has planned a series of activities to raise funds and show appreciation to the attendants from May to August. Fundraising activities will be held within the polytechnic to raise awareness about its movement. This will be followed by roadshows at shopping malls islandwide not only to raise funds but also to educate shoppers to show kindness to the attendants.


The team is targeting to raise at least $5,000 and mobilise 160 volunteers to assist in all related activities. The team was among 100 teams selected at the interview session on 29th April. 77 VWOs including RAS were approved by the YFC Secretariat to participate in the YFC this year. Participating VWOs need to be conferred with a valid Institute of Public Character (IPC) status as well. Last year, Nan Chiau High students raised over $6,000 for RAS through street sales and organised a carnival at Rivervale Plaza with grocery vouchers and gifts presented to the mall’s attendants.


RAS supports ‘Keep Clean, Singapore!’ 2017

RAS threw in its support for the launch of ‘Keep Clean, Singapore!’ (KCS) 2017 on 30th April, with its President Ms Tan Puay Hoon representing the Non-Government Organisation (NGO) sector, to signify the start of a series of community litter-picking activities in the month of May. For four years till 2015, Ms Tan had been one of the active members of the Public Hygiene Council (PHC) since its inception in 2011. The PHC is also the organiser of the KCS 2017 and has been spearheading the Keep Singapore Clean Movement over the years.


KCS bears the new name after the ‘Operation WE Clean-up!’ (OWCU) which had been held annually to promote a litter-free Singapore by encouraging everyone to take part in litter-picking activities. As OWCU progressed to another phase of upholding Singapore’s clean image and aimed to inculcate greater ownership of the environment, OWCU was renamed as KCS in hope that everyone takes action and leads by example to keep our public spaces clean.


RAS participates in schools’ events

As Nan Hua Primary School celebrated Earth Day and No Cleaners Day on 25th May, RAS joined other organisations including the National Environment Agency to set up a booth exhibition showcasing a student game project under its Sustaining Toilets As Restrooms (STAR) Awards Programme. Visiting students were treated to a first-hand experience of rubbing their fingers with garlic and rinsing under the ozone water for five seconds which effectively removed the pungent smell. RAS has partnered with Adsec Global since 2014 to reach out to business owners and operators to help tackle the smell problem.


The exhibition which ended in the late morning was followed by an assembly talk conducted by the RAS in early noon to educate the students about World Toilet Day and kindness towards cleaning attendants. A similar exhibition was set up on 28th May at the Chatsworth International School to raise awareness about RAS and Adsec Global was again present to demonstrate the effectiveness of ozone water. The amused visitors did not forget to make some kind donations to the RAS after their unique experience at our booth.



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