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What is Ozone?


Ozone occurs naturally in the atmosphere when oxygen is exposed to high voltage similar to the after effects of a lightning storm. It is “mother earth” natural way of purifying the earth.


         Ozone consists of three oxygen atoms and has a molecular formula of O3. It is a powerful oxidant that can be utilised for application such as disinfection and deodorisation. The by-product is the stable oxygen molecule (O2).


         Ozone oxidises and breaks down foul-smelling molecules to eliminate unpleasant odours. Unlike perfumes, it does not simply mask foul odours but ensures that unpleasant smells do not return. The powerful oxidative potential of Ozone kills microorganisms and ensures that no resistant strains evolve.


         Ozone combats hay fever, allergies, sick-house syndrome, and also acts as an insect repellent.


What is Ozone Water?


Ozone water is created using special technology to dissolve Ozone air in water. This water becomes a sterilant that can destroy the majority of microorganisms in approximately 5 seconds. As it is created using oxygen atoms, it is completely safe and does not cause any harm even if it enters the eye or is ingested.


Ozone Air and Water Solutions


Adsec Global range of Ozone Air and Water deodourising and disinfection products are engineered and manufactured for performance, durability and ease of use. The products have been proven in Japan with numerous installations in key government agencies and critical process facilities, and it is now the leading brand in the Ozone industry.


Ozone Air


Every country has its own Ozone air concentration standard and our products have the ability to provide effective and controlled level of ozone, ensuring that it is safe for the occupants. Our ozone air products also eliminate adherent bacteria and odours, which sets us apart from air purifiers.


Product range:


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Ozone Water is more effective than Ozone Air as a disinfectant and deodouriser. It has a disinfectant strength 7 times more powerful than chlorine and can be used to disinfect food, providing an effective solution to remove bacteria while remaining completely harmless. Ozone water is approved by FDA (Food & Drug Administration) US as an anti-microbial agent for food processing and storage.


Product range:


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Apart from the standard product models, we have the expertise to customise effective Ozone solution that suits various applications.


For more information, kindly contact:


Adsec Global Pte Ltd

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