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The RAS, Restroom Association (Singapore) was permitted to continue its Happy Toilet assessment, which is an essential service, during the implementation of the COVID-19 Circuit Breaker. Business digitalisation has become pertinent and RAS digitalised its Happy Toilet operations with e-checklists and secured file-sharing service three years ago. RAS is further digitalising its other operations through a Social Impact Program with Oracle NetSuite.


With the COVID-19 pandemic expecting to last for a period of time, RAS needs to further explore ways to sustain all its operations and enable most of its employees to work remotely. RAS is greatly indebted to the pro-bono service offered by Oracle NetSuite, which will further help to not only digitalise but most importantly, streamline our operations in terms of financial and customer relationship management. RAS will also need to innovate its other programmes especially its preschool and other school programmes to ensure their sustainability.  We need to operate our preschool and school programmes and adopt a new norm to minimise contact with preschoolers and students while still ensuring our key messages resonate with them. With the adoption of digital solutions that included remote working tools, RAS was able to conduct virtual live talks and training workshop to children, teachers and cleaning staff at a preschool in June.


In May, the results released by the Singapore Management University (SMU) on the toilet cleanliness index of hawker centres and coffeeshops, revealed a drop in the toilet standards of hawker centres and coffeeshops as compared to 2016. RAS is looking forward to collaborating with its partners namely the National Environment Agency, Public Hygiene Council, Singapore Kindness Movement and World Toilet Organization to address this issue. We hope with concerted efforts, we can uplift the quality standards of toilets in coffeeshops and hawker centres.


Mr Ho Chee Kit


Restroom Association (Singapore)

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