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RAS certifies all AsiaMalls’ toilets as star-rated Happy Toilets

For the first time, in their bid to provide value-added services, two cleaning service providers namely IS Cleaning Services and Integrated Property Management, applied for the Happy Toilet certification of 6 shopping malls managed by AsiaMalls. All toilets have been certified with a four-star rating with the exception of Tampines 1, which clinched a five-star rating. Both service providers view the Happy Toilet certification as an added credibility to their quality cleaning services. Over the years, RAS has been actively sharing with service buyers, both government agencies and private companies, that the Happy Toilet Programme serves as an effective benchmark to assess the quality of the cleaning service providers.


There are currently 29 shopping malls with a total of 252 Happy Toilets in which 142 and 110 toilets were certified with a four and five-star ratings respectively. The total number of Happy Toilets increased from about 700 in January to more than 900 in June. For the past three years, Happy Toilets have sprung up in more than 200 locations. There are Happy Toilets now even in government and private office buildings such as the Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, Health Promotion Board, National Environment Agency and the MediaCorp  Broadcast Centre.


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RAS provides staff retreat training for Persatuan Pemudi Islam Singapura (PPIS)

On 23rd May, RAS was approached by the PPIS to conduct a training workshop for a group of cleaning crew as part of its one-day staff retreat to be held on 22nd June. As chefs were later involved, the training programme was further developed and customised to include good hygiene practices. As the primary focus was still on the cleaners, theoretical and practical sessions on restroom cleaning and inspection were conducted for them.


The training not only covered the conventional topics on the dos and don’ts of hygiene practices, restroom cleaning and inspection but more importantly, it also included a topic on motivating the cleaning crew to take pride in their work and provide quality services. Though this was the first time a one-day training session was conducted for a group of cleaning crew and chefs, the feedback received was positive. Similar but shorter training sessions were conducted for Cheers Holdings and Broadway F&B Management in December last year and April this year respectively.


RAS shares key information with School Operations Managers

RAS was specially invited by Operations Manager Mr Ramachandran Nair from Northland Primary School to conduct a sharing session for a group of Operations Managers after their North N2 cluster meeting. The N2 cluster consists of 1 junior college, 5 primary and 6 secondary schools. The Operations Managers were provided with firsthand information about the Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) training framework on environmental cleaning which include cleaning of restrooms. RAS also shared the essential procedures of restroom inspections that constitute a minimum standard of cleanliness and maintenance.

Apart from sharing its key information, RAS also invited the water agency PUB and Tav Shield to share other useful information related to the restroom environment. PUB updated on water efficiency and conservation such as allowable flow rate for taps and WCs while Tav Shield offered solutions on coating technology for restrooms.

RAS ropes in volunteers for its LOO (Let’s Observe Ourselves) @ Heartlands public awareness campaign

With more coffee shops under the Happy Toilet Programme, volunteers are roped in for the annual LOO@Heartlands campaign. The objective is to reach out to the public from all walks of life and remind them to adopt good restroom etiquette and act responsibly when using the public restroom facilities. Volunteers are requested to prepare tissue packets with message labels and station at the toilet entrance to distribute the packets to visitors. Tissue packets are also distributed to the public at the neighbourhood. Prior to the distribution, volunteers are also trained on inspecting the cleanliness and maintenance of the coffee shop toilet.

40 coffee shops islandwide are targeted for this year’s campaign which was first launched in 2010. Those who are interested in volunteering at the coffee shops can sign up at the Singapore Cares (SG Cares) portal. RAS has been a close partner of the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) within their SG Cares initiatives. Since 2010, about 60 volunteers have volunteered with some volunteering at the coffee shops more than once.

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RAS participates actively in Youth for the Environment Day (YED) and Earth Day

The second YED was marked on 20th April with environment-related activities held at 4 satellite schools and RAS’ involvement at one of the schools was Dunman High. Prior to the YED, in partnership with the Public Hygiene Council (PHC), a group of Year 6 students was trained on restroom inspections. Similar to the LOO@Heartlands campaign, a coffee shop was adopted by the students who would then distribute tissue packets with restroom educational messages to the visitors.


In the month of April, a series of activities were organised to mark Earth Day which falls on 22nd April. Chongzheng Primary School invited RAS to set up a booth at its premises during its Earth Day celebrations on 19th-20th April. The whole school was given information about our programmes and students were made aware of the consequences of dirty restrooms. Students had fun checking their hands for germs under the UV lights and also earnestly completed our RAS word jumble found in our brochure. It was a fun learning experience which truly commemorated the values and spirit of Earth Day.

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