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This category promotes standards in restroom design, maintenance and cleanliness. It also builds capacity by conducting various restroom-related training.

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More cleaning attendants trained for WSQ Perform Basic Cleaning of Washrooms assessment

From end February to early March, two training and WSQ washroom cleaning assessment sessions were conducted each for a total of 36 cleaning attendants from the Jurong Point Shopping Centre (JPSC) and the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands (MBS). The attendants underwent 3-hour training sessions in the morning before taking the WSQ washroom cleaning assessments in the afternoon. The training session served to equip the attendants with the right method of washroom cleaning so as to better prepare them for the assessment. Attendants will receive both the WSQ Washroom Cleaning Statement of Attainment and RAS Certificate of Attendance upon successful completion.

Apart from the 18 participating attendants from the Shoppes at MBS, 40 attendants were already trained and assessed in December last year. In November prior to the Shoppes at MBS, the National Library Board (NLB) became the first building owner to engage RAS through its cleaning service provider, CBM Pte Ltd, to undergo training and WSQ assessment. Last year, more than 50 attendants working at the National Library Building and the Shoppes at MBS were trained and assessed. RAS is anticipating more committed building owners to emulate the exemplary commitment displayed by the NLB, Shoppes at MBS and JPSC, to request their cleaning service providers to engage RAS for washroom training and WSQ assessment.
More than 50 cleaning attendants trained for WSQ Perform Basic Cleaning of Washrooms assessment

The National Library Board (NLB) is the first building owner to engage RAS through its cleaning service provider, CBM Pte Ltd, to implement WSQ washroom cleaning assessment for its attendants. Two separate training sessions were conducted on 21st and 28th November at the National Library Building prior to the WSQ assessment. The purpose of the 3-hour training session is to equip the attendants with the know-how of washroom cleaning so as to better prepare them for the assessment. Another 40 attendants working at the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands underwent similar training sessions prior to the assessment in December.

In his speech at the LOO Awards ceremony, NEA Chief Executive Officer Mr Ronnie Tay emphasised the need to raise the competency of the cleaning attendants. Last year, RAS signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Center for Competency-Based Learning and Development to provide better training on toilet cleaning. This partnership would see participants, for the first time, not only receiving the WSQ Statement of Attainment but also a Certificate of Attendance by the RAS. This helps to ensure that the attendants are not only trained, but are assessed on their competency under the WSQ framework.


Newly-designed certificate of the star-rated Happy Toilet Programme (HTP)

With effect from April, in its bid to attract more corporate owners and operators to participate in the HTP, RAS redesigned the HTP certificate with the “Happy Toilet” wordings omitted to enhance its professional branding image. The newly-designed certificate aims to shift the focus from the HTP branding to RAS branding, with higher visibility of the association’s logo and star rating as compared to the old certificate. The stars are also designed with three stripes to signify star owners, star cleaners and star users playing their part to sustain the star standard. The glossy-paper material of the old certificate has also been replaced with higher quality matt-paper material. As the HTP has already gained its popularity among owners and operators over the years, it will not be renamed despite the absence of the “Happy Toilet” wordings on the new certificate.

Another addition to the new certificate is the explanation of the star-ratings to better reflect the right standard and to provide handy information to the public about the different standards as follows:
  • 3-star – Clean restroom with basic facilities
  • 4-star – Good restroom with user-friendly facilities
  • 5-star – Excellent restroom with user & eco-friendly facilities
  • 6-star – Magnificent restroom with user-friendly, eco-friendly facilities & technology adoption
New HTP participants namely SAFRA Punggol and Far East Mall Square2 received their new 5-star certificates in April with more existing participants looking forward to receive their new certificates in the coming months when they are due for renewal. The RAS has mulled over the feedback provided by existing HTP corporate owners and operators about the design and material of the old certificate. With the growing popularity of HTP among corporate owners and operators, it is timely for RAS to introduce the new design.

SAFRA Punggol and new SMRT train stations accredited under the star-rated Happy Toilet Programme (HTP)

Since the launch of the star-rated HTP in 2003 during the SARS crisis period, none of the recreation clubs have been accredited though its toilets are frequented by its members. SAFRA Punggol has become the first club to assure its members on their commitment to provide quality star-rated restrooms. On the day of the accreditation, RAS also offered its partners’ solutions to SAFRA Punggol with demonstrations which can effectively sustain the quality standards of its restrooms. RAS is urging more recreation clubs to emulate the commitment of SAFRA Punggol to achieve star-rated restrooms for its members

The restroom standard of train stations, which are managed by SMRT, has been much enhanced over the years since its first accreditation in 2013. After 11 Circle Line train stations were accredited, train stations along the North-South and East-West lines followed suit in 2015. Last year, RAS partnered with Da Qiao Primary School for its students to design educattional posters which were displayed at some stations. RAS will continue to work closely with SMRT in its educational outreach to commuters. As we aspire all train stations to be accredited in the coming years, we will next lobby the support of SBS Transit train stations along the North East and Downtown lines to be accredited.
Another major tourist attraction under the Happy Toilet Programme (HTP)

Three years after major tourist attractions The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands and Sentosa were certified, the Merlion Park became the latest major tourist attraction to come on board the Happy Toilet Programme (HTP). Its service provider Anchor Cleaning Agency went the extra mile of fully paying the fees for the HTP accreditation which are usually either paid for by owners or shared among owners and service providers. Apart from Anchor Cleaning Agency, Transquest Supplies, the service provider of SMRT train stations, and both IGM Services and LS2 Services, the service providers of Jalan Besar Town Council hawker centres, also initiated HTP payments. HTP is positively viewed as an effective public toilet-rating programme which serves as a third-party independent assessment on the performance of service providers.

Over the years, there are even owners who have incorporated HTP accreditation in their tender documents as performance indicators for service providers. With service providers accredited under the National Environment Agency Clean Mark Accreditation Scheme, HTP accreditation has become one of the factors that can effectively position a service provider above the rest of its competitors when tendering for contracts. In 2012, in their bid to offer value-added services and to commit on service excellence, two service providers namely IS Cleaning Services and Integrated Property Management, applied for the HTP accreditation of 6 shopping malls managed by AsiaMalls.

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