Official Launch of LOO Campaign 2008-2010

RAS launched the LOO - Let's Observe Ourselves - campaign at the Singapore Zoological Gardens on 19 November, in conjunction with World Toilet Day. More than 150 guests from our participating organisations, partners, supporters, sponsors and school representatives including journalists from various media attended this milestone event.

The Guest-of-Honour, Dr. Amy Khor, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment and Water Resources witnessed our President and representatives from our participating organisations, partners, supporters and sponsors signed a LOO Pledge. After the LOO Pledge, RAS took the opportunity to introduce its pioneer batch of Eco-Assessors at a photo-taking session with Dr. Khor.

Eco-Assessors play a vital role not only in the LOO Campaign but also toward the sustainability of clean public toilets for years to come. Given that they will eventually be trained to assess toilets not only for cleanliness but also eco-friendly features such as energy and water saving features, the title of "Eco-Assessor" best suits them. RAS has been working closely with the five Community Development Councils on the recruitment and training of Eco-Assessors. There are two types of Eco-Assessors namely Volunteer Eco-Assessor (VEA) and Certified Eco-Assessor (CEA)."

Initial Hygiene and World Toilet Organization displayed their commitment and dedication to the LOO Campaign by showcasing their exhibits and products to the invited guests. Students from Fuhua Primary School put on an impressive STOMP performance while students from Zhangde Primary did the eye-catching LOO rap to remind everyone to adopt good toilet etiquette.

The LOO Campaign was launched to target the toilet owners, cleaners and users by adopting a four-pronged holistic approach:

  • Encourage toilet owners to commit to the ownership of their clean toilets facilities by joining our HTP.
  • Train toilet cleaners with the right skills to maintain the toilets.
  • Educate toilet users about toilet etiquette, personal hygiene and public health with our public and school education programmes.
  • Recognise anyone who has contributed to help Singapore achieve a world recognised standard of toilet cleanliness.

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