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RAS supports the SG Clean Campaign


The National Environment Agency (NEA) launched the SG Clean Campaign on 16th February to galvanise collective action, from individuals to local businesses, to work together to keep our public toilets, hawker centres, community spaces and other premises clean. Together with other grassroots organisations and Non-Governmental Organisations, RAS will leverage on its network of preschools, schools and business operators to extend its outreach to everyone to uphold good personal and environmental hygiene practices.


nea2NEA had earlier launched the “7 Habits of Good Public Hygiene”, to remind members of the public about the importance of upholding good personal hygiene practices, and to instil a greater sense of responsibility for the cleanliness of shared spaces, in particular at high-traffic public spaces such as public toilets, hawker centres and community spaces.


1.    Keep premises clean and pest-free;

2.    Return tray and keep table clean;

3.    Keep toilet clean and dry;

4.    Wash hands regularly with soap;

5.    Take temperature and see doctor if unwell;

6.    Use tissue when sneezing or coughing; and

7.    Bin litter and soiled tissue.


NEA hopes to sustain the campaign beyond the current outbreak of COVID-19 and make keeping Singapore clean a way of life.


RAS partners with Hit Singapore to bring restroom advertising to Downtown East

Japanese-based advertising agency Hit Singapore collaborated with RAS since 2017 and after numerous discussions with potential business owners and operators, we are heartened to witness the actualisation of our integrated concept of free Happy Toilet accreditation through restroom advertising. Though the partnership with Hit Singapore dated back to 2017, it had not been downtown2smooth sailing when the concept of restroom advertising was yet to be materialised that time.

After numerous consultations with the RAS, the panels were designed, developed and manufactured. Apart from displaying local advertisements, educational contents on keeping toilets clean are also displayed to educate users. The 12 toilets at Downtown East installed with the panels were accredited 5 stars after completing the audit on 25th March. With the successful Happy Toilet accreditation and installation of the panels, this also marks a major milestone for a successful win-win partnership, which not only generates revenues for toilet maintenance but also meets the quality of a star-rated toilet. We hope more clubs will follow suit to work with Hit Singapore on this win-win partnership.


RAS trains Singapore Management University (SMU) undergraduates on the criteria of public toilet assessment


The collaboration with SMU on a Toilet Cleanliness Index (TCI) dates back to 2016, when the World Toilet Organization (WTO) introduced RAS to SMU Senior Lecturer of Statistics Ms Rosie Ching. The project was initiated by the WTO and was headed by Ms Ching. RAS offered its expertise to support the undergraduates in their toilet survey of all 109 hawker centres and four in five coffee shops islandwide. RAS was again approached by Ms Ching on a similar project in late 2019, with RAS providing pro-bono training to the undergraduates in January this year. A checklist, which was developed by RAS, was used during the training to better equip the undergraduates smu2on the required steps of toilet assessments.


On 27th February, as a precautionary measure against the COVID-19 situation, a virtual Q&A session with the undergraduates, which was hosted by Ms Ching, was organised in an empty-seated auditorium. Apart from representatives from RAS and SMU, the panel of invited guests included the Public Hygiene Council, Singapore Kindness Movement and WTO. The panel took the opportunity not only to answer to some queries raised by the undergraduates but also to share their valuable opinions and observations on public toilets at coffeeshops and hawker centres. The findings and results are pending further consolidation and analysis by the undergraduates. The details are expected to be made known to everyone in April.    




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