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The Santoemma solution for toilet cleaning in hospitals and nursing homes


The Powertec system uses a unique machine to spray all the surfaces with a chemical solution, rinses the surfaces after few minutes and vacuums all the residual liquid from floor, leaving the room clean, sanitized and dry.


Since the system uses a reduced quantity of water, it is the ideal solution for maintenance cleaning and sanitizing actions in those places which need a frequent service, such as nursing homes and hospitals. With the Powertec system, restrooms can be completely cleaned, sanitized and left scented and dry in a short time, making cleaning operations more pleasant and effective as well.


Using the machines is very easy and does not require any training for the operator. Small and light, Powertec machines can be easily stored or carried from place to place. Moreover, the noise level of the machines has been recently reduced, in order to allow the operators to use the machines at noise-sensitive areas without disturbing guests and patients.


The Powertec system was developed for daily cleaning and sanitizing. However, hospitals and nursing homes also needed periodic deep cleaning action: for this other specific purpose, Santoemma developed the Foamtec system which, thanks to its dense foam technology allows a complete cleaning and sanitizing action.


Thanks to Santoemma RESTROOM Cleaning and Sanitizing program and by using specially designed machines, instead of manual work only, restrooms are completely cleaned and sanitized in a short time, with excellent and granted results. It is finally possible to reach a higher level in restroom hygiene, increasing productivity and having a higher fulfilment of the cleaning operators.


Beside the Powertec system, Santoemma provides innovative and patented systems for cleaning and sanitizing public restrooms of any type and size. The Powertec System belongs to the Santoemma RESTROOM Cleaning and Sanitizing Program which includes as well:


1.    Foamtec system: the power of foam for heavy-duty cleaning

2.    IdroFoamRinse: cleaning areas with no need for vacuuming


Foamtec system: the power of foam for heavy-duty cleaning


The Foamtec system was developed and patented by Santoemma as a revolutionary system to clean and sanitize public restrooms, by foaming, rinsing all surfaces and vacuuming, using a single machine. Foam ensures an extended chemical action on the dirt and bacteria and is therefore ideal for many places which need a heavy duty action.

The cleaning and sanitizing process is carried out through four stages:


1.    Foam spraying on all surfaces (walls, sanitary fixtures, showers, panes)

2.    Foam chemical action against dirt and bacteria,

3.    Rinsing with fresh water, to remove foam residue from the surfaces

4.    Vacuuming of residual liquid from floor.


Three different models have been developed, with different capacities and autonomies, in order to adapt to places of different sizes.



IdroFoamRinse: cleaning areas with no need for vacuuming


IdroFoamRinse is an innovative machine, electrically powered, allowing for the spraying foam and rinsing, continuously. The water used for foaming and rinsing is directly taken from the water network, therefore the machine has an unlimited autonomy.  IdroFoamRinse is indicated to clean all the areas where the presence of a drain in the floor makes vacuuming not necessary, such as for example: showers, saunas, swimming pools and camping grounds.


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