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A coating component which creates a thin protective film enabling coated surface easy to clean. Aqueous and oily liquids are simply repelled while contaminants and limescale are easily removed from sanitary ceramics or household glass.


Kitchen Sinks & Wash Basins (Chrome/ Stainless Steel Faucet & Door Handle)


Limescale and toothpaste, which are often formed on wash basins & faucet, can only be removed with considerable effort and chemical cleaning agents. Grease, limescale, toothpaste and other contaminants can simply be washed off with water and a wet cloth, after the prior Tav Shield treatment which keeps it glossy shine like new. The use of additional cleaning agents almost becomes redundant.


Toilets & Bidets


Limescale, urine stains and other contaminants are not only very hard to remove but also very unappealing to users. After a Tav Shield treatment, such contaminants can no longer adhere to the surface and can simply be removed with water and a wet cloth. The use of additional cleaning agents will be reduced.


Wall tiles


Though wall tiles do not need to be cleaned regularly, it could still be easily stained and dirtied such as stains from water splashes or toothpaste which are usually difficult to remove. In this case, with the prior Tav Shield treatment, such stains can simply be washed off with water.


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ScentWafer is developed from natural plant extracts scientifically embedded in a patented composite plant fibre. These solid, high performance refills provide long lasting, consistent and even distribution of natural aroma into the air up to 30 days.


ScentWafer’s innovative spill-proof design works virtually on any passive dispenser, while assuring safe and convenient to use. Individually wrapped in 100% air-tight packaged bag to preserve freshness. Suitable for use in Retail Space, Offices, Restaurants, Spa and Fitness Centres.




eCell Advantages:


        Aromatic environmental odour neutraliser

        Scientifically engineered air flow system that utilises natural air flow for evaporation

        Patented hidden key lock keeps vandals out

        Non-mechanical, easy, economical and effective

        Ergonomic design


eCell Refill Advantages:


        Up to 60 day performance with “passive” gravity feed fragrance system

        Effective aroma enhancement

        Advanced air fragrance technology

        Appealing fragrance follow the latest trends

        Contains metazene molecular odour neutraliser

        Completely sustainable

        Wholly recyclable


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