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Bio-Sanitiser – An environmentally-friendly live bacteria system


Bacteria are generally considered harmless due to the protective effects of our immune system. However, some species may cause infectious diseases such as cholera, syphilis, anthrax, leprosy and bubonic plague. They are able to reproduce on their own and are transmitted through oral, respiratory or airborne, person to person and through blood, urine or saliva.


Odour is largely caused by the presence of fecal matter and urine and poorly ventilated and installed washrooms that causes leakages and clogs. Over time, odour and bacteria may cause negative impacts such as developing bad smell, mild to strong irritations, headaches, tiredness, asthma, influenza, fever and other respiratory symptoms. This in turn may affect the morale and productivity of the end users.


It is important to create a pleasant environment with low virus spreading risks, by ensuring the area do not turned into a breeding ground of bacteria and viruses. Low productivity, complaints and unnecessary recovery or medical cost may be incurred in addressing these problems.


Initial Hygiene has developed an environmentally-friendly live bacteria system, Bio Sanitiser for washrooms and urinals to combat the build-up of diseases and odour causing bacteria. Bio Sanitiser is dispensed, allowing a measured dose to be released with each flush cycle. The live bacteria will consume the human waste which is the cause of odour. Each time the toilet or urinal is used, the introduction of more waste encourages the vigorous reproduction of beneficial bacteria. The natural surfactant helps the bacteria to adhere to the wetted surface of the urinal, ensuring a thorough cleansing of the entire surface. The bacteria then populate into the drain pipes and create bio films, thus preventing the build-up of any odor causing organic compounds and bacteria, and all mal-odour are eliminated as a result.


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