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IdroFoamRinse200: the ideal machine for shower cleaning


Santoemma is happy to share the growing success of the model IdroFoamRinse 200, as the ideal instrument for cleaning and sanitizing showers in swimming pools, fitness centres and health clubs.



IdroFoamRinse200 is in fact an innovative machine, electrically powered, allowing the spray of foam and rinse continuously. The water used for foaming and rinsing is directly taken from the water network, therefore the machine has an unlimited autonomy. Pure chemical is contained in its separate tank and is automatically used by the machine in a controlled quantity.


The internal air-compressor allows producing foam with an optimal density, adjustable by the operator. It is not necessary to connect the machine to an external compressed air system. Rinsing is performed at an optimal pressure, suitable for small and medium-size rooms.


Advantages of the IdroFoamRinse system


IdrofoamRinse 200 presents several advantages. Below are the most interesting ones: 


  • Better cleaning and sanitising result: foam does not immediately fall onto the floor, but stays on the surfaces where it has been sprayed for some minutes. The foam prolonged action assures to make the most of the cleaning effect of the product, ensuring both cleaning and sanitising effect.


  • Visual effect of foam: foam covers in white all the surfaces where it is sprayed such as walls, sinks, fixtures. The operator can therefore check that every corner has been covered, thus allowing a complete action in every point.


  • The greatest hygienic safety for the worker, who does not come into contact with the surfaces and the objects to be cleaned and who does not get wet by the bouncing water, because rinsing is done with low pressure.


  • Reduced labour for the worker: manual work is reduced to a minimum since the dirt is removed by the chemical action of foam and the mechanical action of rinsing.


  • This system, more comfortable and hygienic, gives a greater fulfilment to the worker.


  • Saving of time: while foam acts on the surfaces where it has already been sprayed, the worker is free to operate on other surfaces. Therefore, even a big room can be completely foamed in a short time and with no idle time.


  • Detergent saving: the chemical is used without waste because it does not immediately fall onto the floor.


  • Reduced power consumption: the machine requires little electrical power and therefore it can be used in any places.


  • Moreover, the machine has a contained size and it is easy to carry from place to place. It can work with unlimited autonomy in foaming and rinsing, thanks to a continuous filling system that takes water directly from the water network. Foam is generated by an internal compressor, therefore it is not even necessary to connect the machine to an external compressed air system.


  • The control/regulation panel is handy and the controls are simple and intuitive and therefore it is very easy to act on the regulation panel and adjust the foam density.


Santoemma RESTROOM Cleaning and Sanitizing program


The IdroFoamRinse200 machine belongs to Santoemma RESTROOM Cleaning and Sanitizing program, which provides innovative and patented systems for cleaning and sanitizing public restrooms of any type and size. By using specially designed machines, instead of manual work only, restrooms are completely cleaned and sanitized in a short time, with excellent and granted results.  It is finally possible to reach a higher level in restroom’s hygiene, increase productivity and have a higher fulfilment of the cleaning operators.


Specific systems and machines have been developed by Santoemma, in order to better suit any area, according to the type and dimensions of the restrooms to be cleaned and to their optimal cleaning and sanitizing plan. Beside the IdroFoamRinse system, Santoemma RESTROOM Cleaning and Sanitizing program also includes the Powertec and the Foamtec systems.


  • The Powertec system is the ideal solution for maintenance cleaning & sanitizing, which consists in using a unique machine to spray all the surfaces with a chemical solution, rinse the surfaces after few minutes and vacuum all the residual liquid from floor, leaving the room clean, sanitized and dry. This system is suitable for maintenance cleaning and sanitizing of small and medium-size restrooms. Two models are available: Powertec30 (cable powered) and Powertec30 Battery (battery powered).



    The patented Foamtec system which uses the power of foam for heavy-duty cleaning. This system is the best solution to clean and sanitize even very dirty restrooms. Foam ensures a stronger action on the dirt and bacteria and is therefore ideal for those places which need heavy duty action. Three different models have been developed, with different capacities and autonomies, in order to adapt to places of different sizes (Foamtec15, Foamtec30 and Foamtec70)


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