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Scent Spray Air Freshener


Scent Spray is a non-toxic, non-aerosol and environmental-friendly liquid scent spray fragrance refill that provides long lasting effective odour control and aroma enhancement to any location while also freshening and conditioning the air. Our environmental-friendly scent spray refill and pump system are totally sustainable and wholly recyclable. A wide variety of enticing fragrances to choose from are as follows:







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4-in-1 Urinal Sanitizer


Our urinal sanitizer for the new generation comes with a 4-in-1 function of sanitizing, cleansing, deodorizing and stain-freeing. The present urinal sanitizer is commonly placed at the bottom of all urinals which is not only less effective in cleaning and stench removal but also causes urine splashes on users’ pants and shoes. Our 4-in-1 urinal sanitizer is mounted to the urinal wall with a high concentration of deodorant and cleanser solidified in a cartridge. The built-in louvers help to maximise the reach of the concentrated solutions to urinal walls to prevent stains.


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A first in the world, the easy-pump Dispenser, lets you put creativity in the bathroom with your very own artwork on the dispenser. The users now have a say on how the dispensers should look like to conform to the toilet ambience. With this easy detachable face plate, you can use this as a marketing tool, allowing users to read the messages on the dispensers. Change the face plate whenever the messages have expired.


The other functions of the dispensers are highly notable too. Using a non-refillable cartridge, means that you keep your liquids under-exposed to bacteria, because traditional dispensers that are constantly refilled, become carriers of bacteria. In addition, these traditional dispensers are never washed, which creates unhygienic standards.


Easy-pump Dispenser features include:


        Sealed cartridge


        Anti-theft bolts

        One finger pressure required

        Print own artwork


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