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RAS gears up for its first LOO – Let’s Observe Ourselves – Carnival 2010

Following its success in 2009, RAS is pleased to announce the return of the LOO – Let’s Observe Ourselves – Awards this year. Nominations for LOO Awards 2010 are open from 1st June and close on 31st October. RAS is introducing a new “Star Restroom (Happy Toilet)” category which will be awarded by RAS in the following categories:


                     Market and Food Centre (1 Award)

                     Coffeeshop (1 Award)

                     Shopping Centre (1 Award)

                     Foodcourt (1 Award)

                     Best Restroom of the Year (1 Award)


This year, the award ceremony will be held in conjunction with RAS’s first LOO – Let’s Observe Ourselves – Carnival. The 3-day carnival will take place at the ground floor plaza – sponsored by the National Library Board – of the National Library Building from 3 to 5 December, Friday to Sunday. The carnival will feature exhibitions with restroom-related themes namely the “Owners & Operators”, “Cleaning Industry” and “Users”. RAS will also be showcasing its Learning Pavilion. Visitors to the carnival can attend talks and participate in educational games and activities such as the LOO Quest, a restroom-etiquette version of snakes and ladders.


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RAS achieves another milestone in its Happy Toilet Programme (HTP)

RAS’s constant effort and perseverance in promoting its Happy Toilet Programme (HTP) have paid off with the first showroom coming onboard the HTP. RAS has assessed the restrooms of the Borneo Motors Showroom at Leng Kee Road and Borneo Motors is committed to undergoing renovations to its restrooms to meet our five-star rating after the assessment. In April, RAS also broke new ground in its HTP with the maiden participation of the Health Promotion Board (HPB) and four SingHealth Polyclinics. HPB is the first government office building with all of its 63 toilets rated as Happy Toilets. It is also the first time that polyclinics are coming on board.


The Hawkers Department of the National Environment Agency (NEA) has also displayed its commitment to the provision of quality restrooms by participating in our HTP for three years. 68 restrooms of the 25 Market and Food Centres is either renewing its HTP certification or participating in the HTP for the first time. The assessment has commenced and patrons to the 25 Market and Food Centres will not only get to savour delicacies but also soon enjoy a pleasant restroom experience. Apart from the 25 Market and Food Centres managed by the NEA, 20 others managed by the Town Councils have also participated in our HTP. So far, a total of 106 restrooms have been rated as Happy Toilets.


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RAS conducts training session for officers from National Environment Agency North West Regional Office (NEA NWRO)

Following the launch of “CLEAN Toilets @ North West” programme in June last year, NWRO officers have been actively on the ground, promoting our Happy Toilet Programme (HTP) to F&B owners and operators. Their hard work has been rewarded with the most number of coffeeshops, restaurants and foodcourts certified as Happy Toilets in the North West region of Singapore. As an act of appreciation for their strong support, RAS conducted a complimentary training session for the officers on 11th June at the NWRO office. The officers were provided handy information on the different judging criteria of the HTP 3, 4 and 5-star standards followed by a practical session to reinforce their understanding of the different standards so as to better promote the HTP.


The NWRO session was similar to the training of our Volunteer Eco-Assessors (VEAs) whereby VEAs are trained to conduct mystery HTP audits, promote the HTP and educate their peers about clean restrooms. From April 2010 to March 2011, RAS is targeting to train 500 VEAs which will include HTP owners, operators, cleaning contractors, school operation managers, teachers and students. Our long-term plan is to train a group of VEAs not only to assess HTP restrooms but also any restrooms so as to better collaborate with the NEA in its restroom inspections. Since 2008, RAS has trained a total of about 30 CEAs and 90 VEAs.

RAS showcases its Learning Pavilion at libraries

After making its debut at the World Toilet Summit & Expo in December last year, the RAS Learning Pavilion – a roving exhibition on Singapore’s sanitation - reached out to the first library at the Pasir Ris Public Library from 5th to 30th April. RAS also partnered with the NEA North East Regional Office (NERO) to showcase exhibits on recycling, anti-smoking and littering at the library. RAS also engaged the help of the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) to recruit student volunteers to man the exhibition and share good restroom etiquette tips such as proper hand-washing procedures to library patrons. Patrons were also asked to take our restroom surveys.


The pavilion reached out to the Sengkang Public Library in May, Jurong Regional Library in June and the last stop is the Bukit Merah Public Library in July. The pavilion is positioned as a platform to showcase the different facets of sanitation development in Singapore since the 1960s. It presents an enriching and educational journey for the visitors to understand the significance of sanitation and its social, cultural and environmental impact on the city of Singapore. It also traces Singapore’s economic development from Third World to First World.


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RAS goes on a restroom tour with Lianhe Zaobao (LHZB) journalist

RAS was approached by a LHZB journalist who would like to write on a cover story about the restrooms in the new shopping malls along Orchard Road. On 19th March, our President, Ms Tan, went on a restroom tour with the journalist and a photographer at three new shopping malls namely ION Orchard, Orchard Central and 313@Somerset. The group set off from the Orchard MRT station to their first stop at the ION Orchard before moving out to the Orchard Central and final stop at the 313@Somerset. During the tour, an evaulation was done on the various restroom facilities in each mall.


The story was published in the front page of ZB NOW on 7th April with Ms Tan commenting that the marked improvement in shopping mall toilets is a one-stop concept of hand-washing and drying i.e. users can wash their hands with hand soap and dry their hands without moving around. She also added that restroom signages should be prominent and this would also include signages leading to the restrooms. Of the three shopping malls, ION Orchard is rated best for its overall design and concept such as a dressing table for the ladies and well-groomed restroom cleaners who are service-orientated. Orchard Central is rated best for providing restroom facilities for the physically disabled while 313@somerset is rated best for baby-nursing facilities.

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RAS participates in the filming of Channel U’s “On the Beat”

After reading the LHZB’s special feature on the restroom tour along Orchard Road, a research writer from MediaCorp approached RAS to request for its appearance on the 5th series of “On The Beat”, a Channel U's most popular magazine-style infotainment programme hosted by Vivian Lai, Apple Hong, Lee Teng and Jeremy Chan. A segment of this programme features different restrooms in Singapore and our President’s comments on her observation of the local restroom culture. RAS was requested to help identify restrooms worth featuring, in terms of cleanliness, design and unique features. Restrooms identified included a 5-star restroom at a Market and Food Centre in Ang Mo Kio and two creatively-decorated restrooms at the Temasek Secondary School (TSS) that has participated in our school education programme.


The filming on 4th June commenced in the morning from the public and handicap restrooms of the Orchard Central shopping mall to the public and VIP restrooms at ION Orchard shopping mall. The interview session with our President was conducted in the restroom of the TSS in the afternoon before wrapping up the one-day filming at a coffeeshop in Tampines in the evening. “On the Beat 5” is slated to be featured every Tuesdays at 8pm from 29th June.


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